Monday, April 21, 2008

Secrets of a Modern Day Bounty Hunter

Welcome! If you are reading this, then you must be interested in the fascinating field of Fugitive Recovery or the more common phrase, Bounty Hunting. The Author Richard James, who has over 20 years experience as a full time Fugitive Recovery Agent, will be discussing this subject in depth on the site and you can order this Book on CD. The advantage of the CD edition is all the pictures contained in the book are still in their original COLOR image. There is over 100 photos of fugitives, Investigators, police officers, deputies and the like. This adds a better perspective to the story as you read it. You can follow the many stories of arrests through identifiable traits, listed in separate chapters. Like chapters titled, ‘Everybody Lies’, ‘Proper Tools’, (just what does the Hunter use to find, isolate and arrest the Fugitive?) ‘Cops are our friends, right?’ plus 15 more. Everyone thinks they can outwit the Hunter. You will soon see that is not the case. Generally dead or alive, you will be found. The Author has not revealed ALL his tricks of the trade, not yet anyway. Maybe in the sequel.

You will read stories about people and the various lengths they will go to avoid being captured. Like the guy in the attic, that after being discovered, came down through the trap door, slashing with his knife. All he accomplished was a cut to Richard’s shirt and arm. He still went to jail! And you’ll read about the young lady that fled from Nashville Tennessee by catching a ride with a trucker, only to end up DEAD in the closet of a house in Sulphur Springs Texas, HUNG around the neck with an ironing cord. No one knew she was wanted by the law in Tennessee; but Richard found her! Each story is unique and never has been repeated. Each fugitive creates his or her own story, and they are humorous, adventurous, sad, and sometimes unbelievable. But each one is true and described as it actually happened. And many many more stories and secrets revealed.

Happy reading!
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